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Older woman excercising and staying fit


The Empower Your Life Training Program.


We want to meet you and learn enough to develop a tailored program just for you. We’ll talk about your goals, strategies, nutrition, and the creation of your custom training program.


Our tailored programs begin with a conversation to form the optimal training plan for your needs and goals.

This is your opportunity to connect directly with us on a one-on-one call via Facetime, Zoom, or phone. It’s an easy first step for people who’d like some help understanding plan options to get the best fit for their personal and professional goals and life.  Start with Empowerment Fitness today!

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Empowerment Fitness training plans are custom-designed to fit anyone!

Online Fitness Instructor

That's not a grimace on her face. It's the expression of accomplishment, while still in the act of it.


  • Our training programs are appropriate for people just beginning to intermediate levels of experience with fitness training.

  • Training plans are designed for time efficiency, to fit into your busy lives.

  • There is special emphasis on plans and practices that result in long-lasting good health.

  • You’ll have scheduled check-ins with us to review progress and make adjustments, if appropriate. 

  • Nutrition plays a role, and our certified nutritionist will provide you with a complete meal plan.

  • We design and coach unique training programs. If you may have an eating disorder, please consult a qualified professional.

  • Empowerment Fitness brings it all, these plans are for the individual and will meet your fitness journey goals!

“Regardless of your starting level, Zac shows you how to improve fitness and strength!”

— Sharon


Week 1

After the initial consultation, you can expect a personalized workout plan based on your goals, limitations, and available equipment.  The week is focused on shaping what works best for you.  In addition, we get you started on our app.  This allows our Certified Personal Trainers and Certified Nutritionist to setup your training program, meal plan and advice in the palm of your hand!


Weeks 2-3

These weeks are all about discovering what is working best for you, if you have any issues with diet or exercises, and the likes/dislikes of the initial plan.  Your plan will be updated on the app. 

Weeks 4-6 

At this point, you can expect your workout plan to be in place with possible modifications to keep things fresh and changes in diet to ward off stagnation.   

Continuing Weeks

You'll continue to receive modifications to your workout and nutrition plan.  —And, you can expect repetition/set/cardio variances to enhance your progress overload toward achieving your goals.  We will continue to update the app to update your goals and challenges!

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  • What should I be prepared to talk about in my consult call with Empowerment Fitness?
    It’s helpful if you make some notes in advance. Think about what your goals are, why those are important, and what’s challenging about them. Also, be sure to note any physical or health issues you have so we can be thoughtful about them. Have an idea of where your workouts will be located as well as what is available for you to use.
  • How will Zac or Jayci communicate with me?
    The first communication will be your consultation with us can be via Zoom, Facetime, or by phone, though it’s friendlier when we can see each other, especially the first time. Scheduled updates will be via Zoom, Facetime or phone. Daily interaction will be via app. You can ask questions on workouts, meal plans or supplements. You can expect daily contact from the start!
  • How quickly can I get my consultation with Zac or Jayci?
    You can book your consultation right now! Or 24/7 via this link. Note: Zac and Jayci are based in California, so you may need to calculate the time PST time zone difference to fit your schedule. Timing for receiving your initial training plan is typically 4 calendar days or less after your initial consultation.
  • Are there eating requirements? If so, what are they?
    Our Certified Nutritionist will craft a meal plan that meets your goals.
  • Can I book follow-up calls with Zac and Jayci?
    If you believe you’ll need follow-up calls in addition to those in the plan you’re considering, let’s discuss it during your initial consultation.
  • How do I know whether Zac or Jayci is the better fit for me to train with?
    Evaluating your fit with Zac or Jayci is what the initial consultation is all about. The better prepared you are with your own motivations, goals, and questions, the easier it’ll be for each of you to evaluate your fit. They're straight shooters and will let you know if if one or the other isn't the right trainer for you. Also, you can always choose to start with the minimum plan to limit your risk. But, you won’t be surprised to read this, —it’s the people who really commit to a program, regardless of the challenges encountered, who achieve the most.
  • What if I miss my call appointment?
    Life is full of surprises, Zac and Jayci understand. All they ask for is at least 24-hour previous notice for rescheduling as they have to change their schedule around as well.
  • What’s your refund policy?
    Once you’ve had your appointment with Zac or Jayci no refunds will be allowed.

Want to learn more before deciding?


Thanks for getting in touch!

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